by BlazingGale at 14-08-2018, 07:35 PM
This is where I'll post my non HF related creations. I do warn you though, due to most of these things being recent, most of them are very big in size so loading these pictures will probably take a long amount of time.
Btw the reason I am posting these is because this place is bloody dead, and that because I recently got the Artist award so I figured why not.

Senglicht (Click to View)
Type 4C Messer (Click to View)
by MangaD at 14-08-2018, 06:56 PM
It is possible to change the HFE forum colors using a browser add-on called Stylus.

1. Install Stylus on your browser.
Chrome | Firefox | Opera

2. Create a new style and add the following content:
(You can change the colors obviously!)

:root {
   --main-color: #445 !important;
   --main2-color: #556 !important;
   --main3-color: #667 !important;
   --main4-color: #778 !important;
   --main5-color: #889 !important;
   --main6-color: #99a !important;
   --hover-color: #556 !important;
   --red-overlay: rgba(90, 90, 137, 0.7);
   --gold: #f90 !important;
   --font-color: #fff !important;
   --link-color: #fed !important;
   --bg-a: #113 !important;
   --bg-a2: #000 !important;
   --bg-b: #223 !important;
   --bg-b2: #001 !important;
   --bg-b3: #223 !important;
   --bg-c: #fff !important;
   --bg-c2: #112 !important;
   --bg-d: #fff !important;
   --bg-e: #c97 !important;
   --shadow: #002 !important;
#logo {
   background: var(--bg-c2) url('') !important;
   background-size: cover !important;
   background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
   background-position: center -80px !important;
.logo-inner {
   height: 160px !important;
   background: rgba(0,0,0,0.7) !important;

3. On the field "Applies to", select "URLs on the domain" and type in "" without the quotes.
by MangaD at 14-08-2018, 01:20 PM
Upon upgrading the forums the Discord contact field was accidentally deleted. You may reset this field. Apologies to those affected. I take this occasion to announce that there is also a Facebook and Steam contact fields.
by 2nD at 03-04-2018, 07:47 AM
Multiplayer (Click to View)
HF Stream (Click to View)
by MangaD at 02-04-2018, 09:00 PM
With the porting of Hero Fighter to the mobile platform, the necessity of modernizing HFE became more prominent. I have installed on the board, and heavily modified, a new theme that is responsive and therefore mobile friendly. It still needs some adjustments but I am going to take a break for now.

If you have visited this forum during the last days I recommend that you clear your browser cache in order to update the forum stylesheets. Feel free to add any suggestion or report any theme related bugs in the comments, it is very appreciated.

In the process of updating the forum I have also added two new functionalities to it. The usermap and the HF Roomlist. I've also added new artwork to the calendar. Go check them out!  Grin
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