Award Name Description
HFE-Helper HFE-Helper People that help maintaining Hero Fighter Empire (the mainsite as well as the forums) will eventually receive this award. The core-difference between this and VIP Member is that this award can only be earned by actually showing involvement in any aspects HFE has to offer (writing character descriptions, keeping links up-to-date, etc.).
VIP Member VIP Member (Usually senior) members that have helped HFE a lot, most often by moderating the forums. This is usually tied to access to the VIP-forum; the back-stage of HFE.
Helpful Member Helpful Member Users that have proved that they are helping others often will get this award. Helping in this case means, to solve other people's problems, regardless of the area (drawing, spriting, fighting, or anything else).
Artist Artist People with this award work on a very high standard relating to graphics. Showing community-involvement can boost chances on receiving this award.
Author Author Story writers, members that invest a lot of time in creating written works, get an author-award. Being helpful might pay off.
YouTuber YouTuber People who produce a fair amount of decent quality videos will get this award.
Fighter Fighter Very good HF-players, people with extraordinary fighting skills, receive this award.
Staff decides to whom they assign awards. Requests are generally not answered.